These are the articles I've written for KXAN, where I intern with the investigative team. Also visible are my articles for Hilltop Views, the St. Edward's University student-run newspaper, where I serve as an Editor-In-Chief.

Arsenal FC lead Premier League with crucial climate change pledge

The Emirates Stadium has been Arsenal FC’s home since it opened in 2006. The club recently became the first in the Premier League to join the UN’s Sports for Climate Action initiative and has a history of sustainability and eco-friendly efforts. Arsenal FC has become the first soccer team in the Premier League to assume membership in the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework. This pledge to fight climate change is monumental, especially now that the effects of climate change are affecting the

Latinas still face disparities when it comes to the pay gap

AUSTIN (KXAN) — For every dollar a white, non-Hispanic male makes, Latinas are paid 55 cents. Latinas have to work almost 11 additional months into the next year to be paid as much as their white male counterparts for doing the same exact job, according to the economic policy institute. Bringing that difference in pay, commonly called the wage gap, to light is a primary part of promoting Latina Equal Pay Day, which falls on Oct. 29. That day signifies how far into 2019 Latinas would have to wor

Collaborative concert encourages viewers to vote, emphasizes need to defund border wall

Building a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico was one of the main ideas in Trump’s 2016 campaign. As of Oct. 12, they have built 360 miles according to the Trump administration. The addition of a border wall has been a plan President Trump has touted since the beginning of his campaign,but many who live near the border know that the wall would cause more harm than good. Because of this, the No Border Wall Coalition has come together to encourage United States citizens to defend our border

Where are most Travis County votes being cast?

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The 2020 presidential election is shaping up to potentially have the largest turnout in the history of presidential elections, and Travis County is following that trend in early voting. KXAN has covered the 2020 election extensively, giving you information on how and where to vote early — in addition to how this election compares to 2016. And residents in Travis County clearly want to vote. As of the deadline to register to vote, 850,000 residents signed up to vote in Travis C

Virtual art gallery features female artists, celebrates legendary Texas culture

Pictured above is ‘Majestic Moses’ by Anna-Sophia Lagos, one of the artworks featured in the exhibit. While the exhibit is currently over, it will soon become available to view as an archive. Texas is a unique and amazing state no matter where you go. Whether it’s the unforgettable shape of our great state or the incredible, resilient people who make it up, Texas is where it’s at. The Western Gallery wanted to highlight this in their latest exhibition, “Texas Women.” The exhibition features wo

Chick-fil-A still adamant on holding homophobic ideals

Chick-fil-A has been open since 1967. Despite remaining closed on Sundays, the establishment continues to receive extremely high amounts of business. Chick-fil-A, the fast food chain that so many know and love, has found itself in hot water time and time again. What will quiet their homophobic ideals masked as Christianity? The answer is nothing. Not even a dousing of the notorious Chick-fil-A sauce could cover that up. Back in November 2019, Chick-fil-A announced that it would devote its phil

Resources for homeless Austinites during COVID-19: What to know

AUSTIN (KXAN) — As COVID-19 continues to take countless lives, homeless individuals are among those who need access to COVID-19 testing and personal protective equipment, such as masks and sanitation supplies. Experts say homeless encampments bring large groups of people into close quarters, and homeless individuals may be more exposed to the virus than those with reliable housing. Several local organizations are helping homeless Austinites secure testing and other resources during this unprece

St. Edward’s becomes test-optional university, plans to reduce stress for applicants

St. Edward's University has joined the growing list of universities and colleges that are test-optional. This is in an attempt to decrease the stressors high school seniors are facing from from the pandemic. On Sept. 13, St. Edward’s University announced on Twitter that they will be a test-optional university beginning Fall 2021. This means the university will no longer require standardized test scores such as the SAT and ACT as a part of the admissions application. Currently, the requirements

Protestors seek justice for Vanessa Guillen at state capitol, push for changes in military

Protestors gathered outside the state capitol in a march for justice. Family and friends of Vanessa Guillen push for reform in the military. Vanessa Guillen is a name many people have heard by now, especially Texans. Guillen was a 20-year-old military soldier who was allegedly murdered by her superior and alleged harasser, Spc. Aaron Robinson. Both were stationed in Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas. According to the most recent information on the case, Robinson, 20, killed Guillen on April 22 in an

Student leaders head efforts to improve resources for Black community

Protestors march down South Congress Avenue during a Black Lives Matter protest. These worldwide protests began in response to the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The murder of George Floyd in May has prompted protests all over the world in support of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and against police brutality. Now, St. Edward’s student leaders are using their voices to prompt changes to be made here on the Hilltop.

Administration confirms fiscal changes resulting from COVID-19 via virtual briefings

Decrease in operating budgets, deferral of capital and infrastructure projects and preservation of endowment are just a few of many changes made. On May 12, University President George Martin held two virtual briefings with university employees to explain challenges faced as a result of COVID-19 and resulting changes. Further information was provided in a webinar held on May 19. The plan, presented to the Board of Trustees last Friday, includes a significant workforce reduction along with othe

Texans protest stay-at-home orders, disregard safety protocol

Texans ready to get back on their feet were spotted protesting at the Texas State Capitol on April 18. Mayor Steve Adler said the arrangement was dangerous and "selfish." Throughout the past few weeks, people across the United States have been holding protests against stay-at-home and social distancing orders that were put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. With countries like China just having recovered from the virus, the US stays far behind when it comes to recovery. Nonetheless, so

Editors’ Choice: Quarantunes

In a time of uncertainty and anxiety, a familiar album can feel as comforting as a warm sweater or a hug from an old friend. While we are all sitting at home wondering when things will go back to normal, music can serve as the perfect escape. For your consideration, the albums that are getting us through quarantine. Ladies and gentlemen, he’s done it again. For the second time in his music career, The Weeknd broke his own 2015 record of earning the No. 1 album and single in the U.S. at the same

Candidates talk platforms, goals at annual SGA presidential debate

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, SGA decided to stream the 2020 presidential debate for the student body via Zoom. The debate lasted approximately two hours and candidates were able to elaborate on their respective platforms and answer student questions. Over 50 St. Edward’s students and staff tuned into the annual SGA presidential debate on Zoom on April 14. The debate lasted about two hours, and candidates were able to elaborate on their platforms and answer questions both from SGA an

Sexual assault awareness during coronavirus pandemic: Increase in domestic abuse, remote resources

The rise in domestic abuse is occurring due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some organizations that are looking to help are SAFE Alliance and the It's On Us chapter at St. Edward's. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Each month, organizations such as SAFE Alliance and It’s On Us (IOU) at St. Edward’s host large events to advocate for those who have experienced sexual assault. But with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, popular events such as IOU’s Take Back the Night are no longer possible.

St. Edward’s administration provides housing updates to students amid COVID-19 spread

SEU students have been asked to move out of the dorms and apartments as soon as possible to slow down the spread of COVID-19. St. Edward’s University President George Martin and Vice President of Student Affairs Lisa Kirkpatrick sent updated letters to students on March 18 stating that the university will suspend in-person classes for the remainder of the semester. Online classes will commence instead in order to limit the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). This news comes after the U.S. and Can

Annual President’s Meeting recognizes university challenges, successes

During the annual President's Meeting, the university president addresses the St. Edward's faculty and staff about the state of the campus. The meeting also included service awards given to faculty and staff. President Martin addressed low enrollment and other university challenges and accomplishments at the annual President’s Meeting and Service Awards on March 4. At the event, held in Jones Auditorium, Martin spoke to faculty and staff “candidly,” in his words, about the state of the univers

National Cheerleading Safety Month: How SEU cheer prioritizes safety during season

In January, the SEU cheer squad finished in ninth place at the UCA College Cheerleading National Championship. The competition took place in Orlando, where they earned a zero deduction Cheerleading is a physically and mentally trying sport that most people tend to overlook. But during March, National Cheerleading Safety Month, cheerleaders are taking the opportunity to spread awareness on safety in cheerleading. The St. Edward’s University cheer team is classified as a Division II Small Coed c

SEU students discuss political involvment in light of November elections

Though St. Edward’s is a liberal arts university, clubs like YCT offer a space for conservative students to come together. YCT has chapters all over the US. With a presidential election coming up and local elections currently underway, politics are on many people’s minds, but what do people specifically within the St. Edward’s community think about today’s political climate, and what are some ways they get involved in politics? Assistant professor of political science at St. Edward’s, David Th

Dwayne Wade leads by example: Parents should support their LGBTQ+ kids

According to Wade, his trans daughter Zaya has known of her gender identity since she was three years old. Despite backlash for supporting his trans daughter, Dwayne Wade is firing back at critics with pride, love and a smile. The former guard for the Miami Heat and his family have faced criticism for supporting their daughter, Zaya, who recently came out as trans. Even celebrities have been attacking Wade and his family, even questioning Wade’s masculinity. In late February, the rapper Boosi
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